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At BVA We Offer World Class Assurance Services

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    Get to know BVA Auditing & Assurance

    BVA has provided quality assurance and related services to a variety of clients since 1995. Our team is a mix of vibrant, progressive core of individuals that are backed up by a massive pool of industry experts, with a passion for absolute integrity. Our Directors and Partners are closely involved in our client interactions so as to provide a holistic and accessible competitive edge.

    Our personalised auditing and assurance services begin by intimately understanding our clients’ business as well as their specific operational and financial requirements. From this understanding, we develop an innovative custom solution that is unique to each organisation.

    The team at BVA draws on a wealth of experience to report on the deliverables required as well as areas that can be improved on. We seek to thoroughly engage with our clients to challenge their current way of thinking so we can collaboratively uncover innovative solutions that lead to increased optimisation and efficiency.

    Our vision

    To build a reputation as an auditing company with exceptional value and integrity.

    Our mission

    At BVA we offer world class assurance services to small and medium business, guiding them towards their true potential.

    Our promise

    BVA will provide no-nonsense, complete auditing driven by the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) that adds value, allows companies to continuously stay on track and is of the highest standard.