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    Special Purpose Audit reports

    We perform audits for clients that have specific needs as set out by legislation. We specialise in performing audits on the following

    We provide Trust Accounts, Home Owners Associations and Body Corporates Audits
    We provide Verification of draws for competitions, Royalty certificates and more

    Agreed upon procedures / specified procedures

    We assist many clients with reports on items not directly related to their financial statements. These include

    • Verification of draws for competitions

    • SMS vote confirmations

    • Royalty certificates

    • Revenue confirmations for rental purposes

    • Confirmations required by attorneys when transferring properties

    Forensic Investigations

    If your business requires an investigation to prosecute a party for fraud, embezzlement or other financial claims BVA is able to conduct a comprehensive forensic investigation. We will thoroughly examine and evaluate a firm’s or individual’s financial information for use as evidence in court or in a disciplinary matter.

    Other Accounting related services

    We are in proud association with the BVSA Group, who provides the highest quality accounting and related services to many of our clients. Our BVSA consultants are able to assist with cross-border complex taxation queries or related queries or specialised non-auditing services such as larger mergers and acquisitions.

    Protect your business against fraud, embezzlement or other financial claims

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. When is a forensic audit necessary?

    Usually, a forensic audit is chosen, instead of a regular audit, if there’s a chance that the evidence collected would be used in court. Below, we cite instances that could necessitate a forensic audi

    • Corruption or Fraud
    • Conflicts of Interest
    • Extortion

    Q. Does a trust’s books have to be audited?

    It is not a legal requirement that a trust’s books are audited, and it may add an unnecessary cost in the administration of a trust.

    However, a trust deed may specifically require the books of a trust to be audited. A number of the older trust deeds stipulate that the trusts’ books have to be audited. If the trustees do not meet this requirement, they will be in breach of their obligations as set out in the trust deed.